50 Ways to Connect Your Photos to Your Customer!

As small business owners, time is tight.
We have dozens of things to be thinking of when it comes to our business, never mind creating tones of content for social media!

Download our 50 social media prompts to photograph either your product or yourself and start making connections with your audience.

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    Stephanie Cronin

    Personal Brand Photographer and Trainer

    Who am I?

    Stephanie is a Berkshire based personal brand photographer, specialising in working with small business owners. Her membership Capture Your Brand has seen business owners double sales, tripple engagement and have that business serve the life you deserve.

    What will you learn?

    • 50 free content ideas to photograph for either yourself or your product.
    • You can save the images to your phone for quick reference prompts every day.
    • Learn the quickest way to connect to your customer with photographs.